During the period of 60 years, from its beginnings until today, ”Karposh” factory has transformed from a small workshop, producing pipes and curbs, to a leading company in fittings production as well as in the area of building construction in our country.

This development is based on three principles: specialized products, quality research, and constant modernization with new technology adopting. This development is also due to constant staff improvement, technical support, and efficient logistics. With respect for the environment, the company’s growth is more and more dynamic in the last few years. Today,”Karposh” factory is a well-known brand in the Republic of Macedonia and it represents a company that is ready to face the challenges of a new era.

Experts in the construction industry

Looking more closely into the company, people can see a group that is concentrated in the market for production of concrete and reinforced concrete elements for the needs of the construction industry. The company is also concentrated in building, design, and construction using tilt-up construction method.

”Karposh” factory produces different types of equipment elements for urban planning such as decorative concrete slabs in different sizes for arranging squares, pavements, and parking lots. The factory also produces complex assembly elements for constructing different types of buildings. Despite all this, ”Karposh” factory is also specialized in designing and constructing fittings for energetic efficient buildings, homes, industrial constructions, reinforced bridges, and telephone line poles. The factory also produces transmission lines, substations, vibro-pressed pipes and pits, centrifugal piles, railway platforms made of pre-stressed concrete, concrete products, as well as concrete and reinforced elements by request.

Today, ”Karposh” factory is an organization that has a lot to offer to investors. It offers projects, constructive fittings, technical preparation, and performance that include high technology, quality, and affordable price. Our factory has received an ISO 9001 certificate that proves the quality of our work even more. This is an organization that always finds a solution for every construction problem the client has in order to help them execute their projects.

Industrial origin

In 1948, in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov, decision No. 1334 by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, a small organization of public importance was established. The company was registered as a legal entity for designing, manufacturing, and assembling concrete prefabricates, flats, industrial buildings, bridges, and transmission lines.

In the beginning, the factory was manufacturing concrete prefabricates for the accelerated construction of the destroyed country in the period after the World War II.

The next big progress of the company takes place after the dreadful earthquake in Skopje in 1963. In that period, there was a big demand for apartments, so the factory started constructing prefabricated buildings with energetic efficiency. The buildings have ground floor, four floors, and attic. / six-storey building /.

The workshop for technology, designing, and manufacturing prefabricated buildings with energetic efficiency has been built with support from the Government of Russia (former USSR) dedicated to the ruined city.

This is the period when the idea of building construction, using the tilt-up method, was initially born. It was introduced by offering new standards and products. This was the beginning that led the ”Karposh” factory to manufacturing different types of fittings for homes, industrial buildings, storages, and bridges, helping investors to realize all their projects.

Since then,”Karposh” factory increases its variety of concrete and reinforced products for construction. At the same time, the factory enhances its products with the help of professionals and new modern production technologies. The factory works in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering and with the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology at the ”Ss. Cyril and Methodius University”.

Today, ”Karposh” factory has got a strong strategy for becoming one of the biggest competitors on the marketing and technology market completely respecting all the rules and regulations for safety and protection of the environment and the equipment.


  • Tilt- up buildings with energetic efficiency
  • Small assembling constructions
  • Assembling industrial constructions
  • Transmission lines
  • Substations
  • Vibro- pressed, concrete and reinforced- concrete pipes and manholes
  • Assembling reinforced concrete bridges
  • Concrete haberdashery