The construction of the buildings is one of the main activities of the factory. Initially, the factory started with a qualified team for construction, embedding, and fitting of concrete elements which are part of the product range of the factory. Shortly after, the factory becomes one of the most famous organizations with highly qualified and professional team that is ready for any type of construction in the area of monolithic and prefabricated construction.

The ”Karposh” factory has an appropriate machinery for every type of construction, as well as a qualified staff that operates with every construction machine. The success of the Construction Department of the factory is due to experience, and constant training and practice in and out of the country. The factory offers everything to the investors, including designing, production, transport, and construction of:

  • Substations
  • Transmission line poles
  • Construction of sewerage, canals with concrete and reinforced pipes and pits
  • Decorating projects with different types of decorating equipment

The ”Karposh” factory is a superior company which is very professional and qualified in prefabricated construction. This can be seen by the number of prefabricated residential buildings, and lately by the industrial objects and bridge structures.