The manufacturing process of elements for reinforced bridges includes: needle pieces – type ”Karposh”, reinforced stakes, reinforced spinning columns, decorative processed facades, cable ducts, and curbs.

The reinforced stakes and the columns are used in setting up the lower part of the bridge. The needle pieces, the decorative processed facades, the cable ducts, and the curbs compose the upper part of the bridge. The needle pieces are produced with 2-15 meters range. Their static system is actually a simple beam. The bridge bearing capacity is concluded according to the appropriate rules and regulations:

-vehicle from 600kN for first class rode

-vehicle from 300kN for second class road

The stakes are produced with 12 meters length. They are placed in 0.90-1.20 meters range, depending on the bearing capacity of the soil. There are two types of columns:

-Type”A” – columns with invariant intersection from 0.36 meters and 4.0-8.0 meters length

Type”B” – columns with variant intersection with 4.0-8.0 meters length

All elements of the bridge can be produced by demand.