In its workshops for concrete products, the ”Karposh” factory offers a variety of products: different types of fence, M-103, M-104, M-105, M-107, M-108, M-109, viticulture columns with 1.85-3.0 m length and 5/5-8/14 cm diameter, one-piece and two-piece cable pipes with 1.0 meter length, gutters, channels and drain channels, grid and concrete blocks, flower stamps, bins, billboards, white and grey curbs 15/20/100 cm, 24/20/100 cm, 18/24/100 cm, and 8/16/50 cm, and decorative concrete plates for wall and floor casting that come in different color and size and can be relieved, engraved, or smooth. The factory produces all types of reinforced and concrete elements.