Transmission Lines

In its program, the ”Karposh” factory includes manufacturing and assembling all types of transmission line poles and lines. The transmission line poles are produced with spinning of reinforced concrete with annular section and conic reinforces concrete. The low-voltage power lines – 0.4kW, the high-voltage power lines – 10kW, 35kW, 110kW, and the mixed power lines – from 10kW to 0.4kW.

The columns height varies and can be 9 meters (for 0.4kW), 12 meters (for 10kW), and from 14 to 21 meters (for 35-110kW). All columns have consoles and fixing rings, as well as all the grounding nuts. The columns can be line column, supporting column, and angle columns for 20о, 40о, 60о (also called special columns). The founding of the transmission line columns is made with pad foundations under each column. For reconstruction of the existing wooden transmission lines and for construction of new ones, the factory uses the reinforced trestles – type ”Karposh”.