ECO – Residential Complex – Aleksandrija

At the area of 150.000 м2 in the municipality of Gjorche Petrov, right across Porta Vlae and the new roundabout, a construction of new residential complex has started.

The complex is located only 5 km from Skopje city centre and is itself related to the existing and newly planned boulevard at just 150 metres from the roundabout in Porta Vlae. This area has an existing medical, commercial and social infrastructure. Additionally with the planned urbanization and green space, this complex shall become ideal choice for families. Also, the complex will in itself include other facilities such as many playgrounds, a shopping centre, business offices, gas stations, kindergarten et cetera.

The complex is located at only 200 metres from the River lepenec which is the main stream of fresh air in Skopje.

The beginning of construction of this complex is planned for May, and the first residential buildings are scheduled to be ready to move in by the end of September 2017. This complex is unique of its own kind which offers top quality of living and modern conditions for each family to feel comfortable and cozy in their own home. For further information you can always contact our team at 071 371 795


Iinvestor Fabrika Karposh
Location Municipality Gjorche Petrov
Surface 150.000 m²